$ 25.00

311’s 2001 video documentary DVD & Bonus CD.
LIMITED quantity available.  

-Rare behind-the-scenes footage of the band on tour, in the studio & backstage.
-Interviews with the band, the crew & the fans.
-Live concert footage of Come Original, Beautiful Disaster, Freeze Time, Feels So Good, What Was I Thinking, Psycho (with Shaq) and more…
-Special sections on 311 Day 2000 and the 311 Milk Challenge and more…
-Videos for Transistor, Prisoner, Come Original, Flowing, You Wouldn’t Believe and I’ll Be Here Awhile
-Making of the Video episodes for Flowing & You Wouldn’t Believe
-PLUS a bonus CD with 6 songs.  
-Dancehall, Bomb the Town, Will the World, We Do It Like This, Dreamland, I’ll Be Here Awhile (Acoustic Version)
DVD running time 2 hours.