311 Day 2020 - Nate Deas Poster

$ 30.00

2020 311 Day Poster

Art By: Nathaniel Deas

Size 18x24

The Nathaniel Deas poster design is also the VIP poster. Floor and Seat VIPs will get the screen print. Diamond VIP will get the Foil.

I felt like a print for 311 Day celebrating 30 years of 311 should be bold and bright. Las Vegas by itself is bold and bright, so I thought going for a full-on fluorescent, black-light poster might be a good match. The main concept loosely revolves around a time when Jacks rule the realm... In playing cards, the Jack is viewed as the 11th card in his suit. I chose to portray the Jack of Hearts, a "one-eyed Jack" who is symbolic of the Pisces zodiac sign. Instead of an axe and leaf, our Jack is holding a "Stargazer" lily - a symbol of love and the 30th anniversary flower. There are a bunch of little hidden nuggets throughout the design, as well as patterns of 3 and 11, but I'll let the viewers draw their own conclusions from there.