311 Day 2020 - Miles Tsang Poster

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2020 311 Day Poster

Art By: Miles Tsang

“The concept for my 311 Day poster depicts an extraterrestrial deity visiting the city of Las Vegas, transforming it and the surrounding Nevada desert into Area 311. Fuelled by THC and burning with positivity, the Hostile Apostle possesses 30 appendages (one for every year of the band’s storied existence) and symbolizes the massive force that is the 311 machine comprising both the band and their fiercely loyal fans. The god’s design is inspired by various Tibetan Buddhist deities (specifically the wrathful Yamantaka whose meditational powers combat anger, hatred, ignorance and death) and strums a Gibson Explorer while perched atop a UFO sound system arrayed with skulls, all ensconced within a mythic, hexagonal portal-frame. The band themselves are also featured at the poster’s base within their own honeycomb windows nestled amongst fields of bud and flower as various Vegas revellers are uplifted into communal Nirvana. Flying saucers, astronauts and strange planets dot the sky and outer space while wisps of heavy smoke and flame further frame the composition, creating a window into a world that I hope 311 fans will heartily enjoy."

Size 18x24