Comic Book Bundle #1 & #2

$ 35.00

Comic Book Bundle Issues 1 & 2

Comic Book 1 description:

20 color pages.
Five beings, each of a different alien race, are abducted by an omnipotent entity known only as “The Amber.” The Amber directs the five beings to work together in order to save the universe from a catastrophic cosmic event, called the Universal Pulse. With the 13th Universal Pulse on the horizon, the five strangers must learn to work together to prevent the pulse before it arrives.
These copies are not numbered

Comic Book 2 description:
20 color pages.
Plucked from their realities, the five Voyagers set out on their quest to retrieve the second shard of the Mosaic. But a strong will and vast array of skills won’t be enough to save us all from the impending Universal Pulse. They must find a way to work together, becoming greater as one than they are alone. Meanwhile, a looming trepidation is afoot, as entities of good may not be what they seem...
These copies are numbered, Limited-Edition
Ships late October- Early November Approximately